Transforming Science & Engineering  

into Ocean Solutions


Ocean Visions brings together leading oceanographic research and academic institutions with private sector and public-interest organizations to design and advance solutions to the growing crisis in our ocean and climate.
The Ocean Visions Research Consortium
The Ocean Visions Innovation & Impact Partners


We work together to catalyze the best science and engineering into real-world applications that can address the greatest threats to our ocean.

Our work is focused around 3 Grand Challenges:

Reversing the climate crisis in the Ocean (ocean-based solutions to thermal and chemical stress - e.g. ocean-based carbon dioxide removal)

Building resilience of coastal systems and communities to climate impacts (e.g. solutions for sea level rise, extreme events, and changing habitats)  
Building a climate-resilient aquatic food system (e.g. aquaculture, including microalgae and macroalgae, ocean-based low carbon diets)



We convene to share research and fast-track solutions.

The Ocean Visions 2021 Summit will bring together a multi-disciplinary community of scientists, engineers, inventors, managers, investors, and more to share and discuss new approaches for solving the ocean’s biggest challenges. Focal areas will include ocean-based solutions to the climate crisis, equitable coastal solutions strategies for resilience and adaptation, building marine circular economies, the linkages between oceans and human health, and moving science and engineering from academia into sustainable businesses.


Ocean Visions Job Announcement: Program Manager, Ocean-Based Climate Solutions

We’re hiring! Ocean Visions seeks a Program Manager to help plan, coordinate, and lead implementation of an important portion of our work to advance ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Application deadline May 7.


The Ocean Visions Network is open to anyone at the institutional or individual level
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