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NECOFS-Coastal Inundation Forecast System: Predictions of Coastal Flooding for Past and Future Extratropical Nor’easter Storms

Northeast U.S. Model, NERACOOS (ME, NH, MA, RI, CT)

Tom Shyka

STORMTOOLS: An integrated suite of planning tools to assess risk and damage from coastal flooding, including the effects of sea level rise.

Rhode Island

Malcolm L. Spaulding

Tidewatch Maps tidal water level predictor for flood resiliency

Tidewatch, Virginia

Molly Mitchell

Envisioning Future Tidal Flooding: The Blue Line Project, Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia

Tom Allen

iFlood: A citizen-science approach to understanding groundwater contributions to flooding on barrier islands

Dare County, North Carolina

Rachel Housego

Climate Science Support to Stakeholders

South Florida Region, Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade, and Monroe counties)

Jayantha Obeysekera

Coastal Resilience on Virginia's Eastern Shore

Nation-wide, example for Virginia

Susan Bates

Assessing Future Coastal Hazards for the Southeast United States

U.S. East Coast

Patrick Barnard

Developing an Integrated Coastal Water Predictive Capability to Promote Resilience to Water Risks

Southeast U.S. Model, SECOORA Model (NC, SC, GA, FL)

Ruoying He

The Nonlinear Increase in Flood Risk with Mean Sea Level Rise and the Zone of Shared Risk Concept

Branford, Conneticut

James O'Donnell

Building-Level Damage Estimation for the Combined Impacts of Storm Surge, Rain, and Tides including projections of Sea Level Rise and Land Subsidence Using SCHISM

Tidewater, Virginia

Jon Derek Loftis

Evolution of Storm Surge Inundation under Relative Sea Level Rise and its Impact on Transportation Infrastructure

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Navid Tahvildari

Flood Mitigation, KICA Water Management Task Force

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Jon Lucas Hernandez

Compounding effects of Storm Surge, Sea Level Rise, extreme Rainfall and Water Table on Urban Flooding in Southeast Coast of Florida

Miami Dade County, FL

Thomas Wahl

Visualizing the climatology and extremes of coastal water levels

Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS)

Matthew Widlansky

Flood Analytics Information System (FAIS): A Smart Application to Identify At Risk Locations/Communities to Flooding

Nation-wide, example for Hurricane

Vidya Samadi

Real-Time Monitoring Network for the South Coast of Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay and Southern Shores, Rhode Island

John W. King

Protecting Coastal Infrastructure in a Changing Climate by Integrating Optimization Modeling and Stakeholder Observations

New York, New York

Yuki Miura

A Coastal Storm Hazard Early Warning and Monitoring System for Delaware

CFMS Model, Delaware

John Callahan

South Carolina Coastal Communities Water Level Observation System

Smartcoastline, South Carolina

Nicole Elko

Smart Sea Level Sensors in Chatham County, Georgia

Savannah and Chatham County, Georgia

Kim M. Cobb

Distributed rapid-deploy sensor network for real-time measurement of waves and water levels during hurricane impact

North Carolina

Ryan Mieras

USGS Forecast of Total Water Level and Coastal Change Hazards along the U.S. East Coast

U.S. East Coast

Alfredo L. Aretxabaleta

The Ocean Visions Research Consortium
The Ocean Visions Innovation & Impact Partnership
Ocean Visions, Inc.  - 225 Baker Street, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA  - Founded in 2019